Tempesta 110 Handbrause 3 Strahlarten

Produktspezifikation (PDF)

Three mood-enhancing sprays and a host of features to lift your showering experience make the GROHE Tempesta 110 hand shower hard to ignore when planning your bathroom makeover

The simplest solution is often the best – and the GROHE Tempesta 110 hand shower offers versatility and quality in a convenient package. Its 110mm head features 3 sprays tailored to your mood: choose from soothing Rain, invigorating Massage or the focused and powerful Jet spray via the easy-to-use SmartSwitch dial on the back. GROHE DreamSpray technology ensures that the flow of water from every nozzle is equal, for a perfectly balanced spray pattern. The ShockProof silicone ring is there to prevent the hand shower itself, or the shower tray or bathtub, being damaged if it’s dropped. Its crisp good looks and premium performance will last for years – the shower features GROHE SpeedClean silicone nozzles that can be cleared of limescale and dirt with a brush of your finger, while the GROHE Long-Life finish is hard-wearing and easy to clean for a durable yet dazzling surface. It’s water efficient too, with the GROHE Water Saving flow limiter that significantly reduces water consumption without compromising on performance. And the Universal Mounting System fits all standard shower hoses, so you only have to screw the shower hose on. A minimum of 1.0 bar of pressure is recommended.


  • Rain, Jet, Massage
  • GROHE Water Saving - weniger Wasser, perfekter Wasserfluss
  • GROHE SmartSwitch Strahlumstellung per Drehscheibe
  • GROHE DreamSpray Perfektes Strahlbild
  • GROHE Long-Life Oberfläche
  • SpeedClean Antikalk-System
  • Inner WaterGuide Innenliegende separate Wasserführung
  • ShockProof Silikonring schützt vor Beschädigung bei Herunterfallen der Brause
  • Maximaler Durchfluss (bei 3 bar): 7.4 l/min
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